by Brainslug

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Marko Savolainen
Marko Savolainen thumbnail
Marko Savolainen Wow, wow! This is some great old school psych. The whole album is great but Take Me To The Grove has been listened to over and over again. Favorite track: Take Me to the Grove.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote THANK YOU MR ROGER !!!
This is KILLER and UNIQUE !!!
Just when you're expecting to hear some modern stoner doom this reverts back to 1972 deep undergound acid ,psych ,prog !!! Favorite track: Take Me to the Grove.
Steve Rodger
Steve Rodger thumbnail
Steve Rodger Great combination of fuzzy riffs and 60's garage vocals check Take Me To The Grove for all you need to know. This is so good . Somebody call Mr Rote. Favorite track: Take Me to the Grove.
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released June 17, 2015



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Brainslug Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Lesson for the Earth
This is all life's beginning
The planet's birth
We've spent all time perfecting
Our masterwork

Behold a barren wasteland
Made of frost and heat
Destroy the primordial giant
To make our world complete

His flesh becomes the earth
And blood the sea
Out of his corpse arises
The mighty tree

Hallowed descendants
Hear our word
In your cursed world of chaos and sin
Here's a lesson
For the Earth
Out of death will come life again

Bind the nine worlds together
The holy boughs
Consume the gigantic cadaver
From which you arose

The great serpent surrounds us
Infinite growth
Devouring its own tail
Track Name: Lamentations
Lies and deceit
Those I trusted
Left me with a
Mind corrupted
New obsession
My heart's set on
Your destruction

Seems that I'll be
Just another
Victim of your
The ultimate
Test of patience
Now at last I'll
Have my vengeance

Is this what I wanted?
Have my thoughts been clouded?
My fixation on revenge
Lamentations in the end
Track Name: The Last March
As the new sun dawns
The war rages on
We will march to the fight
Men assembled
Our foes will tremble
The gods demand blood tonight

So mount up your horses
And ready your axe
Say your goodbyes, men
There's no turning back
We will charge forward
And look to the sky
Fight ever bravely
And pray that you die

With the final blow
At last we will know
When we arrive at the hall
That we met our end
So that we could ascend
We will fight til we fall

Now dismount your horses
And bloody your axe
Strike your foes down, men
There's no coming back
We will charge forward
And look to the sky
Fight ever bravely
And pray that you die
Track Name: Warlock
In the wood lives he
Hidden mystery
With his eyes of fire
He'll promise your desire
This is all we know
He'll never let you go
He'll prey on your mind
Until the end of time

Now you fall from grace
Into his embrace
Find another one
To take as your own
And the cycle's done
See what you've become
Just one of a line
Until the end of time
Track Name: All for Naught
Why am I trapped in this state of mind?
Where I can't define what keeps me alive?
I don't think I've felt so cold before
Where the hell did my selflessness go?

Now I'm alone with my thoughts
Nothing to do with what I've got
Wondering if it's all for naught

Locked in my mind, all I can see
I'm only happy in my memories
Maybe if I would flee from this place
Then I'll find the reason I should have stayed

However, I fear no more
I now await what lies in store
Living in a frozen life
I'd rather stop, lay down and die

If you held a gun right up to my head
I would tell you to just shoot me dead
Track Name: Take Me to the Grove
Take me to the grove it's where I want to be
Show me what you know and maybe then I'll see
I just wanna fly with the spirits in the night
Live and die there and I'll haunt it as a wight

I only want to see
Oh what it means to be
Just one among the trees

Show me to the path that leads you to the wood
I have had enough here I think that's understood
I just wanna fly with the spirits in the night
Maybe one day I will join them as a wight
Track Name: Ozymandias
God of his time lies broken before me
Nothing remains of the almighty king of kings

Legacy lost to the merciless hand of time
All that remains lies buried beneath the sand

I am the one true king of kings
Bow down, I am above everything
I am the ruler of all of this land
Look upon the wonders of my hand
Track Name: Divinity
Halcyon existence hides the elitist admittance to beyond
Intelligent design paves the way for all of mankind to destroy

It is just so overwhelming

How can I know which path will keep me from feeling the wrath of a god?
Damn the tenderhearted if their faith has long departed from the one

Let me live in my
Bliss simplicity
Know that I'll deny
Your divinity