by Brainslug

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released August 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Brainslug Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Seer
Now I can see the end
As my life begins

Now my eye opens
To never close again

This is how I know
My life as a puppet show
Pull the strings and I'll play the role
Til at night when the curtains close
Track Name: Alive
Glimpse of what I couldn't see
Burned into my memory
Consumed by feelings of fear
Knowing my time's drawing near

Though I have died
In my mind
Am I alive?
Though I have died
In my mind

Face my own mortality
What could this thing want with me?
Some sort of warning or sign?
Feels like I'm losing my mind

How can I go on
Living life when my hands are chained?
Please tell me that I am wrong
Tell me that I still can change
Track Name: Knowing
I've seen what your future holds
I know your fate
I hope you'll see what I know
Before it is too late

I tried to tell you so
But this is all you know

If you would heed my warning
Then you just might
Prevent the helpless mourning
That you would see in your life
Track Name: Distant
Fill my head
With emptiness
So I don't feel
The loneliness
Now what is real?
Can't recollect

What is real?
I cannot see
Is that you?
Oh am I me?
I'm so confused
Can you help me?

Sinking into my own sea
Is this my reality?
Distant, I swim toward shoreline
And start to drown in my mind

So alone I've lost control of
My whole life flashing before my
Tell my limbs but they won't listen
Seems no way to close this distance

Track Name: A Message
Don't be so concerned
It's a gift and a curse
There's no need to fret
Learn to live without regret
Track Name: Love
Forget about everything else
I've found comfort again
A seed of doubt planted in my mind
But I can still pretend
I'll close my eyes and take me somewhere else
That I've never been
Til I realize this is where we belong
In some delusion

I could see everything you'd do
If I wanted to
But why should I? Just help me along
Don't want to lose you
Matter of time or should I will enough
Something that I could do
But why should I wait another day?
I need to know the truth
Track Name: The Truth
All of the time we had spent
Ends in a tale of resent
Witness a futureless present

I've seen the things that you do
In time the truth would come through
Was I always nothing to you?

Pretend that you're without blame
Hide away from your own shame
Was this you or what you became?

But these things have yet to be done
Must I trust my own vision?
Or can we find some solution?

Please tell me that I am wrong
Tell me that you still can change
Tell me that you're not yet gone
Tell me that it's not too late

Why am I surprised?
Bound to happen anyway
I'll open my eye
Back to view another day
Track Name: Drink
It's all too much
I've had enough
I'm out of touch with

So I'm alone
All on my own
Take me back home
When I start to

I want to forget it all

It doesn't help
Escape my hell
All that I've felt
Comes out when I

I am running out
All alone inside
Track Name: Lie in the Night
As I lie in the night
And I relinquish my fright
Now I won't put up a fight
When I slowly approach the light

What is this I am feeling?
Fear or purely delirium?
Always knew this was coming
But I hoped I'd been dreaming

Now he at last approaches me
Am I sure I'm ready to leave?
Track Name: A Beautiful Day
Silenced inside at last realize
I've already lived a thousand lives
Such a beautiful day

Now clear to me all that I can see
Relive my journey eternally
Such a beautiful day

Don't be so concerned
It's a gift and a curse
But there's no need to fret
Learn to live without regret

Take one final breath
And hold it forever

As I look back on all that I've done
Finally accept that my time has come
Such a beautiful day